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At 'Smoothme' our aim is to create delicious healthy breakfast, lunch and snack options for the busy "on the go" lifestyles that most of us have become accustomed to.

All of our products have a specific goal to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you need an energy boost, cleaner glowing skin, a protein boost after an epic gym session or you want to reduce your waist line, 'Smoothme' has you covered.

We are passionate about superfoods and the important nutrients that they contain. Superfoods not only taste great, but are highly recommended to boost your mood, happiness, energy levels and outlook on life.

Our range of fabulous creations are all made in store and are 100% natural and refined sugar free,vegan friendly and of course absolutely delicious. (Click on our Menu tab to read about how all of our ingredients with benefit you with every mouthful!)